The high audition that had me hitting a new low – My Strangest Audition

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“My worst audition was one that should have been a comfortable one. Let this be a lesson for anyone going through an audition process to not be afraid to take charge of your audition! I had been a part of my community theater group for several years and was going through the formal audition process for their upcoming production of “Grease.” I came prepared with a song I had recently learned in my chorus class, and loved, and was excited to use it as my audition piece. My time came to go on stage to perform sixteen bars when the butterflies began- all a part of the audition process in my experience.

I stood center stage and looked out at the small audience made up of my competition (faces that were both familiar and unfamiliar). The music began. Immediately I felt panic begin to rise inside of me. The music was in a key I had not prepared for, nor expected. As the show must go on, I sang my sixteen barshigh pitched and out of tune. It was a nightmare, and an embarrassment, but showed me how important it was to make sure (especially if you do not read music like myself) that you know before going in what an accompanist will play. If you can determine what key you would like your piece to be played it is helpful to know ahead of time so you are prepared and can request that it be performed how you would like.

Watching the others audition, I later noticed some actors taking a moment to pause when they realized the key was not to their liking. They were not afraid to pause and request the pianist to move higher, or lower. From this I learned the importance of making choices that will help give you your best performance, even if that means stopping the audition (respectfully of course) and regrouping. Not only do you want to give your best performance but casting directors want to see your best performance as well. If that means switching things up to provide a stronger performance then do not be afraid to make the bold decision and take control of your audition.”

– Benjamin M.

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Last modified: August 12, 2017

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