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Jamila answers your questions about using social media effectively as a model and even as an actor!

Hello Jamila,
I just started to pursue modeling and I want to ask you what your thoughts are on social media and how much time I should use it as a tool to market myself. Do models make legitimate contacts and jobs through their social media reach?
Alex L.

Hello Alex,
What a great question!
Social media is a great tool for exposure, but the talent (you) must remember to use social media in the proper way or the talent may get caught up in the social media frenzy. When I say in the proper way, it means to network with other models, photographers, magazine editors, talent agencies, fashion show directors, and casting officials.

Let me explain.

My daughter got scouted by a wonderful agency in Toronto, Canada. Of course, prior to talking to the agents via Skype, I researched them. Initially, we talked via Skype and I made travel arranges to meet them in person. My daughter and I spend a week in Toronto and had a wonderful visit.

Now, on the other hand, I personally have witnessed models getting caught up the frenzy of social media. The frenzy is the attention from mostly men, and it seems that some models will take off more and more of their clothes for a “like” or positive comment. Remember models are defined as “Live Mannequins” at the end of the day, it is your job as a model is to sell a product, brand ambassador, or spokesperson meaning your image is EVERYTHING. It is not about how beautiful you are, or your nice or your beautiful hair. You have to sell a product, a concept, a lifestyle!


Construct a separate social media persona for modeling and a separate email account. Also, I would choose an alias, because you do not want any stalkers. Many models view social media as a numbers game, but it is really about the images and the messages you convey. When your numbers are as high as 60,000 plus, you may be able to get endorsement deals.

Is this social media really modeling or an attempt to feed one’s deprived ego?

Personally, I did use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. My fan base is casting directors, models, and talent agencies. Social media is a free marketing tool that should be used wisely. My goal is to convey positive message and images.

Well, Alex, you have my humble opinion on social media and modeling! Remember those images will always be somewhere in cyberspace! So do not get caught up in the frenzy!
Stay professional, while you invite the world on your modeling journey. You can truly make an impact on others while marketing yourself.

Here is my social media info:
FB: PlusSizeModel Jamila
Instagram: @JamilaChoyce
Linkedin: Jamila Jay Plus Size Revolution
Twitter: Jamila Choyce

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Last modified: June 26, 2018

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