Re-frame Your Thinking About Auditioning – Close Up with April Matson

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April Matson shares her advice on how to re-frame your thinking about auditioning and the insight she has received from an insider.  

Q:Have you ever gotten any sort of insight or guidance from an insider? -Harry O, Fayetteville, AR

An acquaintance of mine, who also happens to be the creator and executive producer of more than one successful television show, let me in on a little secret. He told me they just say things like that because they’re asked for feedback and they don’t know how to put their finger on what wasn’t right, so they come up with something like “we need someone with more vulnerability” or “we didn’t really like her hair” so they can give some sort of an answer and get your agent off the phone. He realized the moment he was telling me that how damaging it probably was and admitted he should probably just say “She was great, but she’s not what we’re looking for”. In attempt to keep me hopeful, he ended the conversation with (to paraphrase) “You know how it is, pilot season sucks. And then one day it doesn’t. Keep doing what you’re doing.”


Q: Please give me some words of encouragement about auditioning! -Jeri L., Albuquerque, NM

Because so many elements of the casting world are beyond our control, the best advice I can give an actor is to re-frame their thinking about it. Yes, an audition is an opportunity for a job, but it’s also an opportunity to act, and

acting is a form of art that is hard to practice without a project or acting class. Unlike musicians, who can just pick up their instrument and play whenever they feel like it, our craft is collaborative by nature. We can’t really practice the craft of acting without a scene partner, script, or audience. Every time you have to prepare and brave an audition, you’re practicing, you’re in process, you’re doing it – you’re acting! Enjoy the process and let go of the outcome. I wholeheartedly believe that the cream rises to the top, so keep doing the work! Remember that success happens when preparation meets opportunity, so focus on what you CAN do (study, study, study, and practice!) and wait patiently for the “yes”.

– April Matson

April Matson is an actress best known for her role as Lori Trager in the ABC Family (now Freeform) cable television network series, Kyle XY. Prior to that she appeared as Penny Chase on the Fox Network television series, Quintuplets, alongside Andy Richter. In addition, April has guest starred in several television shows and appeared in independent films as well as theatre productions that include performances at the Zephyr Theatre and Second City in Los Angeles. In 2015, April founded Platform, an acting studio and theatre & film production company based in Boise, Idaho, where she teaches acting classes as well as coaches and mentors actors of all experience levels.



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Last modified: August 13, 2017

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