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Should your child audition for content you find offensive? See what Chalese has to say. Kids grow so quickly, which makes it challenging for parents of child actors who need headshots! Chalese offers great advice how to keep current headshots while balancing the budget.

How often should I change my six-year-old daughter’s headshot? She is changing so fast, but it gets expensive! – Laura L., Bozeman, MT

Children do change quickly and it can get expensive to get new headshots regularly. I would not be doing you any favors to suggest otherwise, it is the nature of the business. I recommend doing them once a year, but each child grows and changes at his or her own unique pace, and it will be up to you to keep them updated accordingly. If you find a good photographer that you trust, perhaps you can negotiate a lower session fee in exchange for an agreement to use only their services for a period of time. Or better yet, with some practice you could take them yourself. Basic headshot photography is not easy, but not brain surgery either (I can hear my photographer friends cursing my name over that comment).

At her age, it is more important to have a headshot that really looks like her and shows her personality than it is to pony up for an expensive photo shoot. Plus, think of the fun you could have with your new hobby. I would also suggest assessing how many auditions she averages in a year and printing up only that amount. You can always print up more if you run out. If you have leftovers, you could do something creative with them for holiday cards or gifts to Grandma!  Some people invest in a photo printer that allows you to print up as many headshots as you need, when you need them. No matter what you decide, always have two headshots and resumes with you at all times just in case a phone call comes in for an audition right away. You may not have time to go home to prepare. 

I get sides sometimes that have content that I personally feel is offensive. Should I have my son not go to those auditions or just keep my mouth shut? – Tom L., Boston, MA

NEVER KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT WHEN IT COMES TO PROTECTING YOUR KIDS! If you find something offensive, talk with your agent first and voice your concerns, respectfully. Occasionally, the producers or director will allow some of the content to be changed. If not, do not compromise your, or your child’s standards, for a job. There will be other opportunities and you will feel better about staying true to yourself. You are your child’s first line of defense in all aspects of life and this is no different. When your son gets a bit older, I suggest you include him more and more in the decision as, soon enough, he will not need your help and you will want him to know it is perfectly all right to say “yes” or “no” to any project based on personal preference. However, keep in mind that many great scripts explore subject matter that is often less than pleasant or down right horrible by itself but as part of a larger story becomes a valuable insight to life. If possible, always read the entire script before jumping to any conclusions.

– Chalese Thill-Stevens

Chalese Thill-Stevens is the founder of the nonprofit organization, Rainy Days Foundation, which helps individuals heal after loss.  She is a motivational speaker, children’s book author, Liberation Guide, as well as a program director in leadership. Her story comes from a tragic accident in which resulted in the loss of her 4 year old son. She tells about her journey of healing and how she found the strength to carry on. She built her wings and now is helping others to build theirs. She began writing The Adventures of Bug children’s book series in hopes that her son’s thrill of adventure will live on. Chalese is also blessed with two more beautiful children that keep her on her toes and remind her of what is truly important in life. In her free time she enjoys singing in a band, kickboxing, hiking and spending time with her friends. Her infectious laugh, passion for life and ambitious “no fear” attitude build strong and lasting relationships, inspiring those who come into her life. To purchase one of her books, please visit: The Adventures of Bug Books

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Last modified: August 31, 2017

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