How a Facebook message got Steve Bethers his Taft-Hartley!

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How a chance Facebook message led to Steve Bethers getting his Taft-Hartley!

“One day, I get a Facebook message from a casting director saying that she’s coming to town to cast a film. She wants me to read the script, pick a part, and come in to read for it. I had sent her Happy Birthday notes (on Facebook), but I didn’t have a lot of contact with her for a little while, so this came as quite a pleasant surprise. Well, I read the script, picked a challenging scene with a character that I really liked, and came in to read. It went really well. I did the one scene and then the director had me do a cold read for the same character. Again, it went well. It was a very fun audition.

I left feeling great. I also left knowing that the character I had chosen to read was older than I normally play. And, just like any job, it was, at this point, out of my hands, so I continued with the rest of my day.

A couple of months later, I’m officially cast as a different character. I get Taft-Hartleyed and I get to meet and work with some wonderful people. The director later told me that my audition was so good that he had to put me in the movie somewhere. I’m thankful that the director liked my read enough to cast me in a different part.

I’m also grateful for the casting director. The fact that she thought of me and allowed me to choose which part to read really made it feel like she supported me and was on my team when I went into the casting room. I’m sure that because I felt that way, it made my audition that much better.”

 – Steve Bethers


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Last modified: August 13, 2017

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