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Founder of ReelGuru, Catrine McGregor shares a message that applies to all – not just actors.

Happy 4th of July!

In the wake of the deplorable shooting at the Congressional baseball game practice in Washington DC, I think about the good that comes from such a tragedy. We see a unity that springs from these events. For almost a year after 9/11, our country became united. Political differences were put aside when we realized, for a way too-short period of time- that we are united as Americans – and as humans.

It is a good time for us to think about unity in the film industry as well. Though ‘Hollywood’ is often politically vocal, there are also other issues that divide it.

Two of those are jealousy and ego. Jealousy is a completed wasted emotion and only devours the soul of the jealous person. As an actor, not every role is meant for you. It’s easy to covet a role that you really want – and it’s a good thing to have a passion for something, but not at the expense of being jealous of the person who gets cast. It is not a personal thing that they took the role from you, they simply got the role. To show graciousness and support of your fellow actors is a trait that will get you ahead not only in your career, but in your personal peace of mind as well.

Ego is very misinterpreted. People often construe it as haughtiness and superiority, but it is more often based in deep-rooted insecurity that is masked by ego. As your acting career grows, you’ll be more and more surrounded by ‘yes’ people – people who make their living from your income, in other words, people who will walk on eggshells around you and will be afraid to say ‘no.’ It’s not just two-year-olds who need to hear ‘no.’ It’s also adults who act like two-year-olds. What I see sometimes makes me shake my head at the amount of entitlement that some people can have. It’s more than entitlement – it’s a delusion about their importance in life. My grandfather had a saying that you will often hear me repeat: “Cemeteries are full of indispensable people.”

The bottom line is to be grateful. Be grateful that you’re working and being flown to a location. Deal with the layover. Be grateful that you were good enough to get a callback. Be happy for the actors that booked the role. We are all connected in the most amazing ways. Let’s not forget that.

I am a dual citizen of France and the United States, and I am proud of both. I am grateful to live in a free country, and I am even more grateful for my life, my health, my family and my friends.

– Catrine McGregor

Catrine McGregor is an award-winning producer and casting director whose career spans almost forty years and projects ranging from feature films to TV shows to IMAX movies to interactive video games. McGregor began her career at Disney Studios after receiving her dual Master’s Degrees and Film/TV and Education from Loyola-Marymount University in Los Angeles. She went on to work on Warner Brothers projects as well as many independent films as a producer and casting director. 

As a producer, McGregor is sought-after as a creative producer, lending a creative eye to the casting and long-time experience in schedule, budget and crew management. Three of the five Tex Murphy video games that she produced won Coddie Awards, the gaming equivalent of an Oscar. McGregor holds several other awards for her writing, casting and producing, including Best Dramatic Film for 3 of a Kind at Houston Worldfest.

Her passion for actors has led her to work closely with many beginners and celebrities alike, and she is proud to have been an integral part of launching the careers of many faces that now grace movie and TV screens. Catrine is dedicated to producing content that makes a difference.

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Last modified: June 26, 2017

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