Getting Started Guide

Catrine’s Guide to Getting Your Acting Career Started!

Catrine McGregor, CSA
Casting Director, producer and founder of ReelGuru, shares with you, her guide to getting your career started and stepping out on the right foot in acting!

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Step 1: Repeat after me: “I am an ACTOR!”  –  Are you ready for the journey that acting may take you?




Step 2: Training – Catrine shares with you how to find legitimate training as an actor.




Step 3: Headshots and Resumes – These are your acting tools and knowing how they should professionally be presented is a big part of being an actor. Read our 8X10 column written by headshot photographer Robyn Adamson to get advice and keep up with the latest trends.



Step 4: Get Rid of the Demons – A few tips to prepare yourself emotionally for your career.





Step 5: Agents, Managers, & “the Team” – Catrine shares with you the roles that agents and managers fill in your career!




Step 6: Marketing Yourself – A further look into what managers do and what you can do to market yourself!




Step 7: Preparing for the Audition – Now you have an audition. What should you do to be fully prepared?






Step 8: The Audition – Let’s demystify the audition! Catrine breaks it out from the moment you park your car, walk into the audition space, and leave the audition!






Step 9: The Callback – What is a callback and what do you do when you go? Catrine lays out the do’s and don’t’s.





Step 10: On the Set – Learn some of the in’s and out’s of a set!






There you have it! Be sure to stick around ReelGuru for further information and don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

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