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Catrine tells us exactly what will make her stop an audition.  Also, a reader writes in asking for advice from the readers on how to stay in-character as a method actor when fellow actors want to chat before the audition. What would you do?

I’d kind of like to turn this around. Can Catrine McGregor answer what some of her ‘vents’ are from casting sessions? – Fatima A.,  N. Hollywood, CA

Catrine McGregor: Gladly! How much time do you have to read my response? Ha. I tend to cover this topic fairly often in various formats on, so I will focus on possibly the one thing that can push my buttons more than just about anything, and that is being loud in the waiting room when someone is in the casting space auditioning. Many casting directors have a background in acting, but I do not. I can identify a good actor, and I teach a great auditioning class, but the thought of being put in front of a camera scares me to death! It takes a tremendous amount of courage to stand in front of a casting director and OWN the role. The last thing you need is to hear fellow actors jabbering and laughing out in the waiting room. It is probably the only thing that will flare my temper during an audition. If I have to interrupt an actor’s audition to ‘talk’ to the people in the waiting room, look out. Such mindless behavior also irritates me because it is pretty much par for the course that it is the actors who have a (loud) grand ole time in the waiting room who are truly not prepared for their audition. There you go! Thanks for letting me vent!

Thanks for giving me the platform to vent on about the one thing about auditions that makes me totally nuts. I consider myself to be a method actress and the character I’m auditioning for is very much a part of my life as I head to the audition. Once there, I like to stay in my own little world, running lines until the last minute. In fact, if I can, I will run my lines out loud. At the same time, you always run into people at auditions that you hardly ever see except at an auditions so they want to catch up. I’d love to reach out to other actors to see how they handle this. Is this the one time when it’s acceptable to be rude to people and kind of blow them off? Or do you tell them exactly how you feel, taking you out of character? I’d be happy to chat after the audition, just not before. How does everyone handle this? – Jeni R., Denver, CO Can you all share your tips with Jeni?

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Last modified: August 13, 2017

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