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Jamila shares how to be comfortable being in front of the camera and how she got started in the business!

Hi there,

I’m thinking about becoming a model, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do! I know that I definitely need to become more comfortable in front of the camera and learn some poses. How should I go about doing that?     Bethany T.

Hello Ms. Bethany,

Wow, modeling, camera, and posing are as simple as lights, camera, and action. Now it is the best time to explore the world of modeling for three major reasons: First of all, everybody has a camera phone, right? 

Secondly, everyone loves selfies, right. Pull out the camera phone and practice your facial poses, check out your best angles, smile or a serious look, and explore your best profile side! And lastly, with the explosion of social media, there are so many resources and opportunities for you.  


Now for poses, there are a few different methodologies in the world of modeling. Standing, sitting, or movement is great ideas. Posing is determined by the style of modeling you are posing for. For example, there are different poses for lifestyle, pinup, catalog, lookbooks, brochures, online stores,  and editorial.

If you are interested in catalog modeling studied clothing catalog and review some of their poses.  If you are interested in editorial modelings,  check out “Vogue” and “Glamour” or any high fashion magazines.

Personally, I do not like stiff poses.  I love movement and impromptu shoots are the best in my opinion.



Hello Jamila,

I’ve been a model for a few years and I love hearing how other models started their careers! I’ve found that every story is unique! I’m curious as to how you started your career not only as a model but as an agent too! What have you learned that you feel is important for others embarking on their journey to know?                                                        Rachel M.

Hi Rachel M.

I love that phrase that everyone has a story. Well here is mind.  I started modeling as a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).  I read “Vogue” or “Glamour” magazines growing up and I knew every model by name. I enjoyed sewing and designing clothes, but somehow I felt destine to be apart of the fashion industry. Initially, I wanted to become a fashion designer, but whenever there was a model call I jumped at the opportunity.  

During my college days, I was never model thin. My dress size was a 10-12. During that time, I explored every opportunity to model and/or act.  I model throughout college, but after college, I started my family. I earned a master’s in Public Administration and a California Teaching Credential, but I also loved fashion and clothes.  

Fast forward, after a painful divorce and being laid off as a school teacher, I decided that I wanted to become an actor like Viola Davis, and Loretta Devine. I thought that it may be a place for me in Hollywood.  

The first thing I did was to look for an agent which led me to my first set of professional headshots. Proactively, I started to submit to casting and models calls.  The response was very positive. I signed with another agent who specializes in Plus Size Modeling.

As a Plus Size Model, I wanted to create one location for Plus Size Modeling for plus model calls, plus size fashion week, commercials, reality shows, and other modeling/acting opportunities geared towards plus size talent.  That is how was formulated, and thus Choyce Plus Size Model Management came soon after.

– Jamila Jay

Esteemed African-American Plus Size Entrepreneur, Jamila Jay is the owner of Choyce International Plus Size Model Management, which is the first licensed and bonded agency geared toward Plus Size Talent in California.  In 2010, after being laid off as an elementary school teacher, she embarked upon the world of acting and eventually plus size modeling.  As a journalist, she has published over 300 articles from plus size fashions, domestic violence, to celebrity interviews worldwide including Canada, Africa, and the Caribbean.  In 2017, Choyce has been appointed as Editor-In-Chief, as Courbee’ Revolucion’ Magazine (means curvy revolution in Italian) which showcases and celebrates women with curvy bodies from all over the world.  Jamila also runs, a casting website geared towards plus-size talent.



FB: PlusSizeModel Jamila
Instagram: @JamilaChoyce
Linkedin: Jamila Jay Plus Size Revolution
Twitter: Jamila Choyce

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Last modified: September 24, 2018

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