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‘Tude tends to relate to ATTITUDE, and an actor’s attitude is a HUGE factor in getting a callback, booking a role, and…continuing to work once people have worked with you.

Prima donas, creepy people, needy ones, jerks, know-it-alls…are all examples of who will most likely have a “short run” in the entertainment business. Those who have long-term careers have combined a good attitude with several other “‘tudes” of equal importance. Whether they have done it consciously or not, they have done it. Here’s a bit of a roadmap for you:

APTITUDE: Your attitude is certainly important – very important – but your aptitude will be another component that is a big part of the puzzle. While doing your job joyfully, you also need to do it well. Very few actors have absolutely natural aptitude, so continuing to study and to grow is crucial to the process.

We have now covered attitude and aptitude and have reached the third ‘tude: FORTITUDE. Most people can go full force into something that is exciting for them. There are actors who start their careers and maybe move to LA or New York and can see past any negatives for a period of time. Poor callback ratio? It will change. Not booking? It will change. That great attitude persists for a while, but it often dwindles when the negative self-talk rears its ugly head. “I’m too tall, too short, too skinny, too fat, too…too…not enough…not enough.” That self-doubt permeates auditions and it ruins them. By nature, casting directors have to be intuitive about people – they can often feel the fear, the self-doubt, and “something” tells them that that one particular actor is just not right. That “something” was the actor, in their own insecurities, telegraphing the message of negativity. Fortitude is what keeps that actor positive and keeps the comments from other actors out of their self-talk. Actors with fortitude often get that strength from their support system, their deep self-esteem, and their spirituality and/or religion.

This brings me to the fourth and maybe most important ‘tude: GRATITUDE. It’s natural to always want more out of life. We don’t have a job, and we get one. We’re making $30,000 a year and we’re thrilled. The rent is paid and you can put gas in your car, but before long, that’s not enough. Your neighbor is going to Europe on vacation. If only you could make $45,000 instead of $30,000, you could do that too. However, once you are making $50,000, you want that car that you saw on TV. If only you were making $75,000! Then, one day, you walk past a panhandler who doesn’t have money for food, and maybe – just maybe – you will have an instant of gratitude for what you do have. The same holds true in an actor’s career. I have people say that if they could book a guest starring role on a TV series, that their dreams would come true. Once that does occur, though, there is always more you could be getting. During that time, how many people are waking up and focusing on GRATITUDE – for having health, for having life, or for having family? It doesn’t need to be a huge epiphany – just a daily realization.

Catrine has cast well over 400 projects, including films, TV, IMAX, commercials, webseries and video games. She is a member of the prestigious CSA (Casting Society of America). During her forty year career in the film industry, Catrine has worked extensively all over the US as well as Europe and Africa. She prides herself in discovering and developing new talent, and has done so with many people that you see every day in films and on TV.



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Last modified: October 3, 2017

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Be Aware of Your ‘Tude – Featured Article

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    Great article, and an important lesson.

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